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Why Men with Dark Intentions Destroyed the Library of Alexandria

Why Men with Dark Intentions Destroyed the Library of Alexandria

Why Men with Dark Intentions Destroyed the Library of Alexandria


Historic civilizations are a captivating matter, and it’s clear we now have a lot to study from them relating to our method of life, our well being, our know-how, science, nature, consciousness, and the nature of actuality itself.

Understanding these rhythms and cycles of time assist us to know that our trendy civilizations will not be the first to have emerged nor are they essentially extra superior than earlier ones which have come and gone.

Be it info in the type of written textual content, or superior historic buildings like the Kailasa temple, one of 32 cave temples and monasteries situated inside the Ellora Caves in India, their information — how they acquired it and the way they constructed their masterpieces — stays an entire thriller.

With all of our modern-day know-how, information, and knowledge, there’s nonetheless no solution to accomplish some of the feats of civilizations previous, feats that required a particularly superior understanding of arithmetic, physics, and extra. There’s proof that many historic achievements required a particularly superior type of know-how as nicely, and lots of examples to show these assertions.

One other fascinating level to make is the proven fact that many ground-breaking discoveries inside the realm of quantum mechanics, in addition to neuroscience, intently resemble the teachings of a number of historic civilizations and native American populations. For this reason at present, there are conferences held each single yr between teachers and religious leaders, like Tibetan monks, to debate how they relate, and books like Blackfoot Physics proceed to be revealed.

Typically it appears we’re re-learning a lot of the information stored by the historic world. That is precisely why the burning of the library of Alexandria was such a tragedy. It was one of the biggest libraries in human historical past, holding an enormous archive of manuscripts and books from throughout the historic world, and what our ancients would have themselves thought-about historic.

The Nice Library of Alexandria, was situated in Alexandria, Egypt and was devoted to the Muses, the 9 goddesses of the arts.
It was constructed after the well-known Alexander the Nice, who conquered Egypt and purchased information from all elements of the globe. From East to West, the teachings of a number of civilizations all through human historical past as much as that point might be present in the nice library. It flourished underneath the Ptolemaic dynasty and functioned as a serious middle of scholarship, till the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC.

Alexandria was thought-about the capital of information and studying, partially as a result of of the Nice Library. The library was half of a bigger analysis establishment referred to as the Musaeum of Alexandria, the place many of the most well-known thinkers of the historic world studied.

The library was created by Ptolemy, who was a Macedonian basic and the successor of Alexander the Nice.

The books contained on this library touched upon each topic that considerations humanity, from well being, science, and astronomy to geology, philosophy, mysticism, magic, information of the religious world, and far more.

Manly P. Corridor describes it as follows in The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

This magnificent repository of information was destroyed by a collection of three fires. It was burned down in roughly A.D. 389 by Caesar, from the order of Theodosius I. Also referred to as Theodosius the Nice, he was a Roman Emperor from 379 AD to 395 AD, ruling over each the Japanese and the Western halves of the Roman Empire. Libraries as such have been well-known to a number of historic civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia, Syria, and Greece, who have been very impressed by Oriental information.

There’s literary proof of Greek people visiting Egypt particularly to accumulate information: e.g., Herodotus, Plato (notably in Phaedrus and Timaeus), Theophrastus, and Eudoxus of Cnidus (as detailed by Diogenes Laërtius in the third century CE).
In accordance toe H.P. Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled:

They (the Rabbis of Palestine and the sensible males) say that not all the rolls and manuscripts, reported in historical past to have been burned by Julius Caesar, by the Christian mob, in 389, by the Arab Common Amuru, perished as it’s generally believed; and the story they inform is the following.:

At the time of the contest for the throne, in 51 B.C., between Cleopatra and her brother Dionysius Ptolemy, the Bruckion, which contained over seven hundred thousand rolls all sure in wooden and fire-proof parchment, was present process repairs and an incredible portion of the unique manuscripts, thought-about amongst the most earlier, and which weren’t duplicated, have been saved away in the residence of one of the librarians.

A number of hours handed between the burning of the fleet, set on hearth by Ceasar’s order, and the second when the first buildings located close to the harbor caught hearth of their flip; and the librarians, aided by a number of hundred slaves hooked up to the museum, succeeded in saving the most earlier of the rolls.

Manly P. Corridor writes that the books that have been saved have been truly buried in Egypt and in India, and till they’re found, “the modern world must remain in ignorance concerning many great philosophical and mystical truths. The ancient world more clearly understood these missing links – the continuity of the pagan Mysteries in Christianity.”

These pagan mysteries, Corridor writes, are the coronary heart of mysticism, which truly represents true Christianity. This is sensible; any civilization, you’d assume, would hunt down the information and knowledge of these prior. It’s one of many paths to fact, or no less than new discoveries that assist one of their contemplation of fact.
Corridor states:

There are persistent rumors that Jesus visited and studied in each Greece and India, and that a coin struck in His honor in India throughout the first century has been found. Early Christian data are recognized to exist in Tibet, and the Monks of a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon nonetheless protect a report which signifies that Jesus sojourned with them and have become conversant with their philosophy.

Though early Christianity exhibits each proof of Oriental affect, this can be a topic the trendy church declines to debate. If it’s ever established past query that Jesus was an provoke of the pagan Greek or Asiatic Mysteries, the impact on the extra conservative members of the Christian religion is more likely to be cataclysmic.

Info like this, amongst different subjects like life on different planets and sacred and magical (thought-about legendary by many) details about shamanism, magic, and sorcery, predate trendy Christianity. Totally different sects of Christianity, after the historic Romans created their very own model, now condemn these teachings regardless that they have been embedded inside the unique doctrines.

That is one of many causes the aristocracy of historic Rome ordered the library destroyed, as a result of it might destroy the foundations of what they have been creating — a brand new faith for man to comply with, one whose doctrine contradicted the one prior. This sort of faith was pressured upon individuals, and people who didn’t comply with have been topic to dying and exile. Anyone who questioned these new doctrines acquired harsh penalties all through the ages, particularly as time progressed and the enlargement of civilization, from that time, moved ahead.

“The early Christians used every means possible to conceal the pagan origin of their symbols, doctrines, and rituals. They either destroyed the sacred books of other peoples among whom they settled, or made them inaccessible to students of comparative philosophy, apparently believing that in this way they could stamp out all record of the pre-Christian origin of their doctrines.
In some cases, the writings of various ancient authors were tampered with, passages of a compromising nature being removed or foreign material interpolated.”

Conquering the World

Earlier than the creation of a sure sort of Christianity by historic Rome, fact appeared to be extra obvious, however darkness appeared to have permeated the world of mild even prior. Atlantis is a superb instance, as Plato, amongst different historic students, advised us that the eventual demise of this civilization was introduced forth by ego-driven wishes that quickly developed amongst them, when the Atlantean kings have been “lured” from “the pathway of wisdom and virtue.”

“Filled with false ambition, the rulers of Atlantis determined to conquer the gods into his holy habitation and addressed them. Here Plato’s narrative comes to an abrupt end, for the Critias was never finished.”

“A technologically sophisticated but morally bankrupt evil empire – Atlantis – attempts world domination by force. The only thing standing it its way is a relatively small group of spiritually pure, morally principled and incorruptible people – the ancient Athenians. Overcoming overwhelming odds . . . the Athenians are able to defeat their far more powerful adversary simply through the force of their spirit. Sound familiar? Plato’s Atlantean dialogues are essentially an ancient Greek version of ‘Star Wars.”

– Ken Feder, professor of archaeology, taken from his e-book Frauds, Myths and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology

The sacred teachings and artifacts in Atlantis have been perverted and used for selfishness by some. These teachings made their approach into Egypt, and ultimately into historic Greece, till the Roman Empire dominated the world, burned the library the place many of these teachings have been in all probability held, and disseminated their very own model of information and fact throughout the land.

Do some of these books lie inside the libraries of the Vatican right now? If a lot of the legendary tales we’ve heard and examine are actual, they might certainly convey down the modern-day understanding of faith and spirituality that’s been unfold by the households of historic Rome.

Are we taking a look at a cover-up of information relating to “what is,” and have we been deceived?

The burning of Alexandria’s library was one tragic occasion involving the destruction of historic information, just like the mass Native North American genocide that noticed much more information of humanity misplaced, stolen, and hidden.

That is why analyzing historic sources of fact, or no matter is left of it, is all the time fascinating, as a result of it’s exhausting to obtain one thing that’s been created and used as the spine of deception — modern-day faith.

Why Men with Dark Intentions Destroyed the Library of Alexandria


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