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Past Presidents of North Korea – The Mausoleum

Afront the lodge room’s wall mirror I straighten my tie, tuck in my cotton shirt and provides my gown footwear one last shine. It was early morning in Pyongyang and my every day ritual was as we speak accompanied by the background drone of North Korean State Tv — militaristic musical odes to Kim Il-Sung, censored information broadcasts and aged footage of Kim Jong-Il nodding his head in the direction of corn plantations. This was all part of a wholesome North Korean breakfast, I used to be now able to deal with my day motivated and impressed. Moments later, I was nudged onto a bus headed in the direction of the capital’s outskirts with five state-sanctioned guides on one of probably the most ‘important’ visitations of my life. Oddly sufficient, to visit these two aforementioned gents within the flesh. Whom might I add, additionally died four and twenty-one years ago respectively. Welcome to a different day in North Korea.

It had all of the hallmarks of a job interview, only it wasn’t. I had a selected timeslot, I felt considerably nervous, formal apparel was obligatory, and most significantly, there was an expectation that I’d be educated and passionate a few matter that in actuality, I knew relatively little about. Yep, definitely felt like a job interview. Either means, this was shaping up to be fairly the task after a regrettably late night time sinking marinated Snake Soju in the Yangakkdo’s karaoke bar. One slip up or signal of disrespect at the moment, intentional or otherwise, even so much as not bowing when required and I’d be detained and dragged off kicking and screaming to a cell to play cards with Kenneth Bae. Something I paid good money for, by the best way.

Goodness, writing that out certainly places it into perspective.

Pyongyang as seen from the Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetary. The compound to the bottom-right of that spiked building (Ryugyong Lodge) is The Mausoleum, also called the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

The vacation spot, recognized simply as ‘The Mausoleum’ to outsiders is the holiest building in North Korea, an in any other case atheist nation. Inside, the embalmed our bodies of Eternal President Kim Il-Sung and since 2011, his son Supreme Chief Kim Jong-Il, lie in state inside climate-controlled clear glass sarcophagi on your viewing pleasure. They’re surrounded by mazing marble hallways, every a trove of their lifelong treasures and accomplishments. Eyes peer at you from each corner whether or not it’s by way of digital camera or the abundance of guards. Entry is from an underground tunnel lots of of metres away — in many ways, a leaf has been taken from Egypt’s e-book of pyramid interior design. The unmistakeable stock portraits of each, representative of what seems like each road corner of Pyongyang grasp defiantly on the restricted partitions outdoors, the place every customer must bow to their likeness.

Actually, this building is not any joke. One of biblical proportions fenced in by State laws paradoxically denouncing faith as punishable by dying. Juche, a political ideology of ‘self-reliance’ with spiritual undertones is the flavour of North Korea’s perception system and is practised by all North Korean residents. Not by selection. Kim Il-Sung coined the ideology, initially as ‘Kimilsung-ism’ (critically) and therefore, retains the throne as the demi-god to all ‘believers’. The Jerusalem, Mecca, Temple Mount – whatever, this constructing is North Korea’s equivalent, romanticised to locals solely as the Kumsusan Palace of the Solar.

dprk-mausoleum-soldiersYounger troopers arriving at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun to pay their respects.

Our guides lined us up single file prior to entry, offering a rundown on proceedings ahead and etiquette required. No talking, stand straight with arms to your sides, stay in line and all the time bow when required. So, together we marched forwards into this misplaced extravagance like baby chicks behind mother hen in a means that took me back to childhood scouts camp.

First got here the ‘cloakroom’, all belongings except for the shirt on my back was handed throughout in place of a numbered ticket for assortment once we have been to go away. Sadly, here is the place I need to break the news to you that this included our cameras, therefore neither I nor anyone else has pictures from inside these secretive walls. To ensure we weren’t wacky sufficient to tug a swift one in Kim Il-Sung’s old-age facility, a metallic detector was conveniently placed forward to uncover any paraphernalia. A troublesome place for a selfie, sorry guys, it just wasn’t potential.

Curiously, native North Korean visitors had further security screening together with having their pictures taken and an iris scan earlier than being whisked out a special door. Why, or the place this led, I don’t know. We then encountered a flowery automated shoe cleaner before being launched right into a spotlessly polished white marble hall stretching so far as the attention might see.

83-north-korea-mausoleum-ladiesAll North Korean ladies put on traditional gown on such an essential visitation. Civilians of all ages make the pilgrimage from everywhere in the nation.

Here, we begin our journey into the palace. Let me set the scene for you:

One kilometre of travelator. Movement velocity: Snail. No walking allowed. Superb, orchestral music of Great Korea. Lining the walls have been a whole lot upon a whole lot of giant, gold-framed pictures straight out of Bowser’s Citadel on Tremendous Mario 64. Every photograph was both a press-release snap of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il carrying out the world within North Korea or an illustration of warm overseas relations with different world-power heavyweights. Assume Castro, Ghadaffi, Mao, Stalin, Putin, Ho Chi Minh…and U.S president Jimmy Carter. They’re all there. One massive completely satisfied family. Handshakes and ear-to-ear grins have been focal points to every photograph. The environment was surreal. This is the North Korea I anticipated to see.

This travelator took at the very least twenty minutes, if not more. In fact, this was no accident, this was our time to mourn and mirror upon the lives of two men who made the North Korean Dream a actuality for all. In the meantime, a glance outdoors the adjoining window nearing the palace revealed at the least fifteen ‘privileged’ Pyongyang ladies gardening a single grass patch simultaneously using makeshift brooms constructed from sticks.

101-pyongyang-gardeningThe privileged working class of Pyongyang. When labour is reasonable, or free and in high provide, this is how gardens are maintained.

Ushers direct our path into the palace, the place ceremonial flowers are introduced on the ft of two big white marble statues of both leaders. The room was dim, tall, and spacious, like a church corridor, where even the silence would echo. Dramatic purple mild introduced each sculpture, a illustration of North Korea’s national shade. Korean Individuals’s Army officials stand to each aspect, separated by Korean Employee’s Social gathering flags and brandishing silver AK47’s. We synchronously bow on the designated line.

Originally, this constructing was Kim Il-Sung’s official residence, in many ways The White Home. Ultimately, it was reworked into his remaining resting place by Kim Jong-Il after his father’s demise in 1994. It was estimated at a staggering $500-$900 million USD renovation. It was no low cost enterprise. Coincidently during this yr till 1998, North Korea endured its worst famine in history where as much as three.5 million died from hunger or hunger-related sicknesses as state allotted rations dropped to 20% of what the Worlds Meals Program describes as a ‘survival ration’. Read into that what you would like, but there’s no denying the allocation of State assets during this time was irresponsible.

dprk-mausoleum-monumentPatriotic monument featured in the gardens of the Mausoleum.

A lavish, golden regally decored raise you’d sooner anticipate in a 5-star deluxe lodge then ascended us to the ready room previous Kim Il-Sung’s Mausoleum.

Men wearing black, the North Korean equivalent of america Secret Service have been on each corner and doorway to the tall, open area room. Each had hid pistols in holsters — the one time I noticed officials like this in the whole nation. It was quite loud on this flooring and we swiftly discovered why; monumental air blowers had been put in to take every speck of dust from our attire earlier than we’d be blessed with the Shining Sun’s presence. For a moment there, I virtually felt like a plastic bag…drifting by way of the wind. Sorry, mistimed The Interview reference. But by any measure, gone was my completely styled buzz minimize.

We regrouped and on our guides’ course have been ultimately allowed inside.

The room was dark, a curtained area of marble flooring and wall dimmed in purple lighting with the highlight to the centre in the chamber.

And there he was. The man himself. Eternal President Kim Il-Sung.

Mendacity on a tabletop contained in the crystal glass sarcophagus as promised lay his lifeless physique of the final 21 years. That’s a long time, lifeless and preserved long sufficient to be of authorized consuming age in Arizona. Perspective. His body was draped in the pink flag of the Staff’ Social gathering of Korea, higher torso seen in a dark go well with jacket and his shiny, virtually waxy head angled upwards by a pillow. Madame Tussauds can be proud. To be trustworthy, he appeared somewhat too well-preserved – though one of my guides did mention the Mausoleum undergoes closure some months of the yr for, properly, corpse upkeep. Surrounding his casing have been downward sloping beds of flowers. Not just any flower thoughts you, but the fabled pink Kimilsungia. I’m not making this up.

Our line, now full of local visitors, all with Kim Il-Sung’s head pinned upon their heart, advance forward melding into groups of four on the front. This was in preparation for a bow, crucial one in North Korea — a bow to the Nation’s sensible, revered, sensible and distinctive father. The source of North Korea’s undying prosperity.

Now, this here is one of those occasions that as a vacationer in North Korea, your social-justice warrior act of defiance by refusing to bow would result in your arrest for political crimes. Korean Individuals’s Army officials breathe down your neck from the room’s outskirts, watching intently as each group approaches Kim Il-Sung to bow. Not once, however 3 times, might I add. As soon as on the ft, as soon as on the left and as soon as on the appropriate – but absolutely not at the head. As of course, that might allude to wanting down upon the person representative of the height of greatness.

As I completed the formality, I felt quite relieved such a simple requirement was achieved and dusted. It was fairly tense. As we exited, one other tourist and I exchanged gazes as if to say ‘Well, yep, he’s definitely lifeless…I don’t know what else we have been expecting’. It was a wierd go to.

But, of course, this is North Korea, and it acquired stranger.

24-kumusan-palace-of-the-sun-mausoleumSuperbly manicured gardens to the front of the Mausoleum. The gardens are a well-liked spot for native guests to take group photographs of their visit.

The following number of rooms have been laid out as shrines, linear walk-throughs with a whole lot, if not hundreds of Kim Il-Sung’s ‘achievements’ — medals, certifications, plaques, and trophies. I exploit quotes here because the legitimacy of these might be questioned at greatest and have been straight up fraudulent at worst. Most have been from within North Korea, nevertheless, there have been display cupboards sectioned for every continent. Every democratic country was represented, as have been international personal enterprises (tsk tsk). To broaden, there was a Ph.D. certification from Kensington University in California, upon closer inspection, a for-profit unaccredited diploma mill since closed by authorities. ‘Keys to the City’ were given and displayed proudly for an obscure district inside a small province of the Cusco area of Peru’s Southern Highlands. The ‘Peace Award’ of Africa was showcased, a big golden trophy, as was the ‘Honorary Citizenship of Ecuador’. There was even an award for ‘peace, justice and humanity’ exhibited with satisfaction from an Indonesian foundation. Scholarly robes have been hung, encased in glass apart all his instructional accreditations.

It was completely bizarre. The give attention to perceived international significance was definitely evident here, which I discovered most ironic considering North Korea’s enforced boycott of the surface world.

Numerous medals sat inside open velvet casings laden in silk, illuminated by brilliant mild — Hero of the Republic, Hero of Labour, Medal of Agriculture Merits, Army Service Honour and commemorative gadgets of the Nice Fatherland Liberation Warfare. The record went on. The medal ‘For The Victory Over Japan’ lay next to the Japanese Peace Medal. Poetic. Alike the robes, army uniforms have been also encased in glass cupboards beside these medals.

Kim Jong-Il’s achievement room was comparable, he notably acquired the International Kim Il-Sung Prize Certificate, awarded for (and that is the exact wording): …the distinguished contribution to the sacred cause of independence and peace on the globe by way of software of the good Juche concept. Round of applause, Kim.

Kim Jong-Il’s mausoleum was likewise virtually precisely as his fathers’, with the identical formal entry course of including another air blower – I’ll save you the element. Nevertheless I’ll mention that he wasn’t sporting his signature sunglasses (I was genuinely stunned), he was outfitted in that darn olive zip-up go well with he wore actually all over the place, and he also appeared as if he’d simply had a recent haircut. He didn’t look kind of lifeless than his father. Nicely, that was a bizarre sentence to sort. Anyway, oh, and, of course, he wasn’t surrounded by Kimilsungilia’s. Don’t be silly. It was the purple Kimjongilia as an alternative. Once again, not making this up.

108-kimjongilia-flowersThe Kimjongilia. It’s a kind of begonia, ‘Kimjongilhwa’ and was Kim Jong-Il’s favorite flower.

At this level, we anticipated that to be a wrap. We’d paid our respects and been reminded of all of the fascinating accomplishments. However wait, there’s extra. Identical to a 4am infomercial.

North Korea have an unhealthy obsession with preserving sentimental gadgets. Gadgets used or even touched by the leaders turn out to be in many ways holy. Chairs Kim Il-Sung sat upon and the stationary he used have been encased in glass viewing bins and even areas Kim Jong-Il has walked upon are often engraved with a pink ‘X’. So, what happens to a demi-god’s vital belongings after demise?

How about, for instance, his yacht?

Yep, it’s right here. In the building. They needed to briefly knock down a wall, but they received it inside. It’s surrounded by framed pictures of Kim Jong-Il enjoying life aboard, the room’s walls are even engraved in gold Korean Hangul of the boat’s historical past. Both nice men owned a Mercedes too which are on display, as is Kim Jong-Il’s golf cart utilized in his later years, all of that are propped up on marble blocks and roped off like a Maserati gross sales showroom.

However Kim Jong-Il’s personal practice takes the cake. The very carriage he died inside of a suspected coronary heart attack sits within a custom constructed room, interactive boards on the walls present in intricate element all of the places worldwide the practice had visited. He was afraid of flying.

One of the guides defined – “Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il died of overwork, he was under great mental and physical strain, it was sudden, and the train here is exactly as he left it.”

Peering by way of the practice window, a porthole into his personal life, there was a 17” MacBook Pro on his desk. I can’t say I anticipated that. Nicely, this settles it women and gents, Macs are better than PC. Papers have been sprawled over his ultimate workspace without overlap, his boots completely straightened and his seat faced us photogenically as if for a real-estate shoot. His dwelling area positive was clear. Immaculate, in truth. No man aside from Pricey Leader is that this tidy.

It’s value noting that South Korean intelligence confirmed that Kim Jong-Il’s practice did not transfer in the days leading up to, or on the alleged day of Kim Jong-Il’s demise.

dprk-mausoleum-ladiesThe blue and white traditional gown was the preferred attire of native tour guides and people in formal roles in all elements of the nation.

We began to exit the palace the same method we entered, passing a whole lot of North Korean civilians arriving for their obligatory visitation. Each individual, whether or not man, lady or baby, previous, younger or disabled should go to their Beloved Father at the least as soon as in their lifetime, by regulation. Those visiting from rural areas have been apparent, their faces displaying distinct signs of malnourishment and have been dressed in silk go well with jackets on their naked sun-blazoned skin. Many smiled at us as they shuffled past. Most have been indifferent and seemingly numb to the experience. All have been noticeably brief, only as tall as my shoulder, and I’m not a large bloke.

Our last stop was one which appropriately summed up the go to, an impression statement to us on the effect of the Eternal President’s dying worldwide. This room was the Hall of Lamentation. An empty room with a single pink rug and delightful low hanging chandeliers, the walls containing framed depictions of North Korean and, strikingly, worldwide outpourings of grief through the 10-day state endorsed ‘mourning period’ following that unforgettable information. It’s virtually as in the event that they’ve one thing to show. I don’t keep in mind seeing this on the information in Australia. But, I’ll have slept in that day.

Then, we line up and bow one last time and eventually, we left the Kumsusan Palace of the Solar.


That was my response. I don’t assume some other phrase might sum it up. I needed North Korea and properly, I obtained North Korea within the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

dprk-mausoleum-gardens-meI couldn’t miss the opportunity. I don’t assume a smile was that properly acquired, nevertheless.

I wouldn’t say I was stunned, however it was definitely confronting to see that on this country notorious for many years of human rights violations, those responsible are certainly nonetheless held up as demi-gods by most, serving not because the embodiments of repression, however as an alternative as inspiration to a population oblivious to their very misfortune. This was evident, and, it was actual. The endearment and heartache for these fallen men appeared disturbingly genuine. The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is by all accounts a wonderfully choreographed propaganda artwork piece of indoctrinated North Korean faith, it’s what to consider, the best way to consider and when to consider it. In North Korea, there isn’t a freedom of information, the residents know no different, Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il have lengthy been their only suppliers. They’ve put the meals on their tables, built their houses, arranged their jobs and led the fatherland to patriotic ‘victory’ towards invaders.

Right here, in this palace, they provide their thanks.

But, it’s value remembering that in societies ruled by religion, secular (or non-believer) cells will all the time exist. North Korea is not any totally different. People who match into this class, no small number by any means, may even go to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. They’ll achieve this with their mouths shut. That’s the sweetness of a totalitarian regime. For those of you left wondering the million greenback question:”Do they really consider in it, though?” I’d say the reply is sure and the reply is not any. North Korean’s are led down the backyard path since start however no, they’re not the clean canvasses of naivety we wish to fake. In their world, crucial considering is an invention and never taught, and the whole inhabitants is forcefully left in a condition of infantilism by a repressive regime where demise is given to dissenters — all I’m saying is that the light at the end of the tunnel is additional for them than it’s for us, but many still see it. Defectors aren’t leaving North Korea because they’ve full faith within the Juche concept.

We strolled via the Mausoleum grounds afterwards, swans resting peacefully in the surrounding moat. There was a pervasive feeling of confusion amongst us with the environment just like that of a post-funeral reception. We have been hesitant to convey cheer again into the state of affairs so soon around our passionate guides.


As we left, others started to reach destined for a similar exhausting induction. Strains of faculty youngsters march past us in formation, wide-eyed and entrusting in their faculty instructor, main them just like that of the pied piper. They have been innocent, still learning the ropes of life, only but a primary grasp of expectations and values, obligations and function, rights and wrongs — no totally different to younger youngsters anyplace else on the planet.

Seconds later I look again to see these youngsters stopped and assembling for knowledgeable photograph to a backdrop in contrast to anyplace else on this world.

The subsequent era.

P.S – What are your ideas on the Mausoleum? Are North Korean individuals really indoctrinated, or governed primarily by worry? I’d love to hear what you assume within the comments under! Cheers, Elliott.