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New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

It is extremely attainable that The Great Pyramid of Giza could possibly be one of the greatest examples of a tremendous historic power powerplant that used the earth’s electromagnetic area.

It was a big historic construction that was succesful of utilizing the Earth’s pure properties with a view to create or produce a large amount of power. This power is believed to have been utilized by the historic Egyptians and probably different historic cultures. This concept, nevertheless, has been firmly rejected by mainstream researchers, however that doesn’t imply that it isn’t true.

The Great Pyramid has none of the traits of common wanting tombs: together with extravagant artifacts, depicting’s on the wall, sealed entrances, elaborate coffins, and even mummies themselves. It was, nevertheless constructed with distinctive supplies which are used for electrical conductivity at the moment.

If we strategy the historical past of historic civilizations from one other perspective, we’ll encounter that historic civilizations round the globe have been, the truth is, extraordinarily refined and used superior applied sciences hundreds of years earlier than mainstream science ‘reinvented them’.

Is it attainable that the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed as a big energy plant?

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

The concept civilizations round the world have advanced from a primitive state, in the direction of a extra superior one is one thing that mainstream students have tried to implement and place as the final fact inside our society, faculties and historical past books. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case as quite a few researchers round the globe recommend. Actually, historic civilizations have been much more superior than we consider.

Taking a look at the historic references that may be present in quite a few historic civilizations round the globe, we’ll discover quite a few patterns and particulars that inform a totally different story than the one being imposed by mainstream students.

Keep in mind this man? Egyptologist Zahi Hawass was indicted for theft of Egyptian antiquities and is believed to be the entrance man of all the cowl ups in all the historic Egypt discoveries.

These superior applied sciences have been current in historic Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Sumer, and different historic civilizations. Electrical energy, electrochemistry, electromagnetic know-how, metallurgy, superior engineering, together with hydro geology, chemistry, physics and superior varieties of arithmetic and astronomy have been all used hundreds of years in the past to nice extents.

Many researchers agree that in the distant previous, electrical energy was extensively utilized in the land of the Pharaohs, with the Baghdad battery being one of the greatest examples of such superior know-how.


New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

In 1934 in Iraq, three artifacts have been discovered collectively: a ceramic pot, a tube of copper, and a rod of iron which – when mixed with a liquid acid – can be utilized to create chemical reactions that produce an electrical cost. Often known as the Baghdad -or Parthian- battery, these supplies date again over 2000 years in the past.

By analyzing the cautious historical past and particulars left behind by the historic Egyptians, a totally different fact is instantly revealed the place we will see that refined illumination methods have been used throughout the development of Pyramids and different buildings in historic Egypt.

Whereas mainstream students firmly disagree with the notion that historic Egyptians used electrical energy to mild up historic buildings, many consider that there’s sufficient proof to help this notion.

Intricate carvings reveal that the historic Egyptians utilized what look like handheld torches that weren’t lit up by hearth, and have been as many consider, powered by means of wi-fi electrical energy, hundreds of years in the past.

However these mysterious torches weren’t the solely instance in historic Egypt. It’s believed that the historic lighthouse in Alexandria was powered by an ‘Arc lamp’ and is one other essential piece of proof suggesting that electrical energy was utilized in Ancient Egypt hundreds of years in the past.  However, the electrical energy required to energy such unimaginable buildings on a day by day foundation might solely have been offered by a common ‘huge’ electrical supply.

For this reason, many individuals consider that the Great Pyramid of Giza, whose function stays a thriller, is believed to have been utilized in the distant previous, as some type of big power machine, used to energy quite a few units throughout Egypt.

One of the 7 Great Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza is taken into account an historic masterpiece of engineering and structure and one of the greatest examples of historic development.

Whereas the concept that the Great Pyramid of Egypt have been used as big energy plant producing free, wi-fi power, is firmly rejected by mainstream students, this concept might clarify quite a few enigmas about the Pyramid itself and the refined society that settled at the Nile River hundreds of years in the past.

Supplies used for to create the Great Pyramid of Giza

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

Apparently, the outer casing of the Great Pyramid of Giza was coated by ‘white tufa limestone’, put collectively in such a means that nothing might slot in between the stones. It’s noteworthy to say that the ‘white tufa limestone’ utilized in the outer casing of the Great Pyramid of Giza doesn’t include magnesium and has very excessive insulating properties.

The cuts made on this reflective stone have been angled completely, so it will have had a clean, flat look. This might have made the big buildings brightly mirror the mild of the solar like a mirror.

In 1303 AD, a giant earthquake disrupted the casing stones, as we speak, all that is still is the internal core of the pyramid.

It’s believed that this refined insulation property allowed the historic Egyptians to completely management the launch of power from inside the Pyramid.

As well as, to the outer casing, the stone blocks utilized in the inside elements of the Great Pyramid have been created from one other type of limestone, which accommodates small quantities of crystals and metals that are believed to be two essential properties that allowed most energy transmission.

Much more apparently is the incontrovertible fact that the shafts constructed inside the Great pyramid have been made of granite and is a barely radioactive substance allowing the ionization of the air inside the air shafts of the Great Pyramid, comparable traits could be present in a conductive insulating cable.

Granite incorporates excessive quantities of quartz crystal and metallic, a well-known conductor of piezo-electricity, piezoelectricity happens as outcome of stress or strain on the quartz.

When such electrons are given the probability to bypass sections of rock by way of a metallic wire, fairly giant currents can move.

Right here is a Render of thermal imaging used to detect totally different temperatures inside the pyramid. Picture: HIP Institute

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

Dolomite was used on the internal surfaces. Dolomite is understood to extend electrical conductivity instantly relative to the quantity of strain on it: excessive strain creates extra electrical present.

Limestone, dolomite, granite… are in reality, some of the supplies we use to make electrical wires.

The traditional builders of the Great Pyramid took benefit of the water of the Nile river at the Giza plateau.

Apparently the Giza plateau the place the pyramids are situated is full of underground water channels. The Pyramids at the Giza plateau rise above the limestone layers situated beneath (Aquifers), and the areas in between them are full of nice quantities of water, and these layers of rock are succesful of transmitting power upwards as they carry the underground water to the floor.

Because of this the high-volume stream of water that passes by way of these underground cavities is succesful of producing an electrical present; generally known as physio-electricity. Physio-electricity could be outlined as ‘Electrical energy obtained from the pure bodily actions with the assist of sure harnessing units could be termed as physio-electricity.

For instance, power from strolling, power from flowing stream of a river (Nile river flowing by way of aquifers.’

It has already been confirmed that hundreds of years in the past, the Nile river handed immediately by the place the buildings now stand. In fact, this debates the age of the pyramids themselves… together with weathering on the close by Sphynx, which signifies that they endured super water erosion, and would point out that the monuments are probably double the age that they’re stated to be.


New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

The chambers constructed inside the Great Pyramid of Giza are thought-about as granite conductors carried out in the design, charged with ‘physio-electricity’. Which means given the materials and particular development of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the electromagnetic area that types at the very backside of the Pyramid is transmitted in the direction of the higher layers of the pyramid.

It’s believed that in the distant previous, a gadget of wonderful electrical conductivity was situated on the prime of the pyramid, the place at this time an empty area stays and was believed to be produced from Gold. Gold might have created a conductive path for power to be directed upwards – directing it excessive into the ionosphere

The pyramids Geographical location magnifies the electromagnetic forces on the planet, the place Telluric currents are at their strongest. Electromagnetic area at the backside of the pyramid would rise to the higher layers. Apparently, traces of this long-lost historic know-how have been rediscovered in the 1900’s by the nice Nikola Tesla.


New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

Was Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who’s greatest recognized for his contributions to the design of the trendy alternating present (AC) electrical energy provide system. We additionally know that Tesla was not very thinking about making revenue from his innovations however appeared extra involved to serve mankind.

Tesla found how you can transmit electrical energy naturally to mild a bulb he held in his arms. He claimed that he had perfected the technique of harnessing and transmitting free, wi-fi power utilizing the earth’s electromagnetic area. Situated at the Wardenclyffe tower he constructed between 1901 and 1917, Tesla utilized a almost equivalent type of this historic know-how, utilized in Egypt over 4000 years in the past.

Tesla’s tower was additionally believed to have been constructed upon aquifers, which signifies that the electrical know-how utilized by Tesla is almost equivalent to that utilized in the development of the Great Pyramid. Each the Great Pyramid of Giza and Tesla’s magnificent Wardenclyffe tower have been methods that generated unfavourable ions and have been succesful of transmitting them with out the want for electrical cables, a utterly free and wi-fi power that powered different electrical elements by way of huge distances. However it seems that the Ancient Egyptians weren’t the solely ones to have understood the advantages of this historic know-how.

A current research has proven that a pure sinkhole, also called ‘cenote’ is situated beneath the Pyramid of Chichen Itza.

Specialists have discovered it’s related to different caverns and lakes in the space. The water filling the cavern is assumed to run from north to south. Because of this the Pyramid of Chichen Itza sits upon a subterranean water supply simply as Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ley Strains

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

The Great Pyramid is claimed to be on the earth’s fifth Chakra location, and on intersecting Ley Strains.

Ley strains are the luminous strands that many are pulling at at present, hardly suspecting what riches lay at the finish of these delicate mild strains. All ley strains result in the planetary Grid, the main mild and power matrix. Creating, enveloping, and sustaining planet Earth, or Gaia.

A ley-line is a straight fault line in the earth’s tectonic plates; that is a scientific reality. By way of these cracks in the earth’s tectonic plates the magnetic energies launched are very highly effective certainly. Our ancestors have recognized about these strains for hundreds of years.

Each race and tradition on the planet has recognized about these strains but everybody had totally different names for these strains. All we have to do is to take a look at the historic cultures of the earth.

Take the native Indians of the United States; they used to name ley strains spirit strains and their Shaman’s used to make use of the electromagnetic power in these strains to assist them contact the spirits. How did they find out about these strains and the energies that they provide off? The reply’s easy: the sky Gods informed them.

All through historical past all megalithic buildings have been strategically constructed on prime of these so-called ley strains. From the pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge, Notre Dame, Solomon’s Temple, Parthenon, Oracle of Delphi, Rennes Le Chateau, Ziggurat, the Vatican, DC Capitol, Mecca, Agia Sophia, Aztec Pyramids, Bermuda Triangle, Coral Fort, Tesla’s lab in Shoreham NY, together with all Nuclear energy crops, army foundation and stadiums — that are additionally used to harness energies — like big batteries!

Many of the sections the place two or extra ley strains intersect are marked with an obelisk, corresponding to Washington DC monument, Vatican Courtyard, and Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park. These electromagnetic strains of the earth are its veins and obtain its energies from the solar that connects and impacts, each dwelling factor on this planet.

We’re electrical, and our atoms are surrounded by electrons (electrical energy).

New Evidence Shows the Great Pyramid of Giza Might Have Been a Giant Ancient Power Plant

The place does our coronary heart get its electrical capability from? We’re related to the earth’s electromagnetic fields and our coronary heart is our battery. Many of our historic religious figures knew this hidden information and meditated or prayed on these strains or megalithic facilities.

It appears a lot extra plausible that these pyramids functioned as powerplants utilizing the similar rules and circumstances as Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, that carried out and direct electromagnetic power into the Ionosphere.


We’ve lengthy believed that the pyramids have been simply tombs – however this principle raises extra questions than it solutions: why have they got nothing in widespread with different tombs? Why the distinctive development supplies make to construct it – together with the very supplies required for conducting energy?