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Dao of the Dad: the First Three Days

By Rev. Colin Flahive

squeamishIt seems fitting that one of the first things a human does after taking his or her first breath on this world is to unleash the most unholy of shits.

How did I not know this earlier than? This ought to be widespread information amongst all of us, particularly those planning to be mothers and fathers. I’m informed it’s from the last meals in the uterus, however is the uterus just a huge sack of sticky tar? The black goop is so gummy and dense that you possibly can pave a street with it. It’s referred to as meconium and I question my blind leap into fatherhood never having heard of it before.

Don’t let the title of this piece fool you. This is no information to fatherhood. I’m solely three days into it and much from qualified to do something of the type. However a lot is recent on my mind proper now, together with that first steaming diaper, I feel obliged to unload some observations that could be of some help to some other unsuspecting fathers.

We had deliberate for a natural delivery. This was our good child and so we anticipated an ideal delivery. However on the day of our child’s arrival, docs advised us that our baby would wish to enter the world via an incision in my wife’s stomach. We have been wholesome and our baby was wholesome so a C-section by no means really seemed like an actual risk. Now our good baby and our good day turned something altogether totally different. We had no selection but to nod our heads, sign no matter authorized waivers they put in entrance of us, and grasp on for the journey this unborn baby wished to take us on.

fathering-class-smMy position as a father was by no means actually that clear to me. My greatest understanding was that I was to be a sort of cheerleader for my wife. She was the star participant and I was there to help her. The mother bears so many burdens during pregnancy and delivery that the father’s job was to do whatever attainable to ease her wrestle and make the whole lot seem totally normal and completely cool. Regardless of how a lot the father-to-be may be freaking out about the incontrovertible fact that he can not attend the delivery as a result of his youngster has wrapped his personal umbilical twine round his own neck, and the surgical room doesn’t permit bystanders into the operating room.

The need for surgery came swiftly and I instantly discovered myself on their lonesome. Very, very alone. Any small half that I had hoped to play in the birthing process was taken away from me. As an alternative I used to be left waiting like an previous cartoon version of an expectant father, pacing and panicking. I felt sick and I felt scared. I battled with every concept of what may go mistaken in the operating room, and I hurriedly scrolled by means of my cellphone hoping to seek out something that would distract me from horrid visions.

Far prior to anticipated they referred to as out my spouse’s identify to get my consideration, and the docs introduced out somewhat tightly-wrapped bundle. There was solely a small face exposed for me to see. I checked out his tiny nose and mouth, I watched his nostrils flare with every delicate breath, and I used to be blown away… shell-shocked… paralyzed. I couldn’t breathe. It seemed as if my complete reserve of tears may burst out suddenly. I felt intense feelings in contrast to any I’d had before and it was in all probability the closest I’d ever come to an out-of-body expertise. It was like I used to be experiencing it all via some further dimension I by no means knew existed.

baby_care_28One nurse smiled to me kindly and walked with me to our personal hospital room. She positioned our little child boy in a small cot next to our beds. Then the nurse smiled to me again and nodded as if she was getting ready to go away the room.

“Wait, wait,” I stuttered. “When will my wife be back?”

She informed me it might doubtless be one other two hours and she or he began to go away once more.

“Wait, wait, what am I supposed to do?” I used to be shocked by my very own ignorance. Hadn’t I been getting ready for nine months for this?

“Just talk to him,” she stated. “Let him know your voice.”

She smiled again earlier than leaving and I was alone with my son.

I checked out him with the eyes of a jeweler following the terrain of his face and body. I inspected him for any imperfections however I couldn’t discover any. Not one. He was good. I held his hand and watched his little fingers react to my contact.

I needed to talk to him. I needed to share every thing with him. But I used to be awestruck and it was troublesome to type audible words. One of the few nursery rhymes that I knew came to mind and I started to sing. It flowed simpler than another phrases might.

“Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is however a dream.”

Holy shit! That track is intense. I don’t know how many tons of of occasions I’d heard it before, however this was the first time that I really listened. Each phrase hit me like an anvil laced with bits of bliss and pleasure. I’ve been drifting down the stream for almost four many years now and it will do me properly to recollect to take action gently and merrily. Our child had solely been aboard for less than an hour and his dream was simply starting.

row-row-row-your-boat“Row, row, little one,” I stated.

After that it was simpler to speak with him. I launched myself and did my greatest to introduce him to the world round him. I informed him about his loving mother that he would meet quickly and I informed him about the household beyond the three of us that eagerly awaited his arrival. However every on occasion I used to be inclined to sing once more.

“Life is but a dream, son.”

When the nurse returned a bit of later she informed me that I should decide him up and hold him. She demonstrated how to take action safely however I couldn’t fend off the thoughts of what number of occasions I had dropped my cellphone over the past month. That thought apart, holding him felt pure and the warmth emanating from his physique made any remaining apprehension I’d had about fatherhood melt away.

The nurses then walked me though another easy duties like tips on how to change his garments and the way to wrap him snuggly in order that he wouldn’t startle himself awake together with his own wild hand gestures. It was once they showed me learn how to change his diaper that I used to be launched the feces from another species. The pooh made of black goo. The sludge of dark fudge. Uterine meconium doesn’t rhyme very properly but I’ll simply say that it’s some really nasty shit. Even recent it was troublesome to peel away the diaper. It took heat water a handful of wipes to get his bottom back to pristine condition.

best-dad-funnyAfter that first change, I discovered a rhythm. And regardless that solely an hour had handed since his arrival I felt like caring for my son had already variety of turn out to be routine. The subsequent diaper change definitely wouldn’t catch me off guard a lot.

It took slightly below two hours for my wife to return back from surgical procedure. She was exhausted but comfortable. And aside from the undeniable fact that she was nonetheless sluggish from the anesthesia and unable to even sit up in mattress, our first moments along with our baby have been just good.

The nurses confused how essential it was to get our son to latch on for breastfeeding as soon as potential. Getting a baby to latch on to the mom’s breast could be a problem, and that first latch is vital. As a result of my spouse’s recovery meant that she might barely move in her mattress and couldn’t take any strain on her stomach it required a clumsy position and an extra set of palms to convey the child to her breast. The nurse made positive every thing went properly and within moments our child was eating his first meal.

I had by no means heard that breastfeeding might be painful. However even with the anesthesia, my wife’s face contorted in horror.

“It’s like needles being jammed into my heart,” she stated via tears.

I assumed that perhaps this was a problem with my spouse’s well being or that the child had latched incorrectly, but the nurses assured us that this pain was regular for many new moms. What the hell? I assumed that this was purported to be some type of lovely bonding experience between mom and youngster. I don’t keep in mind anyone ever talking about heart needles. However over the next two days the ache eased off a bit with every feeding.

I have overlooked the part of this story that reveals that our baby was born in a hospital in southwest China. I didn’t depart it out so as to add this sudden twist, but more as a result of the reality was surprisingly irrelevant. The docs and nurses have been so variety and environment friendly that I can’t really say it might have been all that totally different anyplace else in the world.

sitting nurse funnyThere have been at the very least forty different newborns on our flooring and all have been managed by the similar 5 nurses. I used to be amazed by their endurance and proficiency in coping with both newborns and new mother and father. At every time of day or night time they have been pestered with inane questions they’d been requested lots of of occasions before.

“Why is my baby doing this?”

“Why isn’t my baby doing this?”

Nine out of ten occasions the answer is, “it’s totally normal and there’s no need to worry.” But they tackle every concerned father or mother with such grace and candor that their degree of endurance surpassed some other career I’ve ever handled. Docs and nurses round the world who handle this job with a smile on their face ought to be thought of as heroes, and every time I feel of the nurses who worked with us I still get a bit teary-eyed.

In those first few days, I don’t know if it was their endurance rubbing off on me, if it was just some type of human instinctive high quality bearing fruit or if it was this new dimension I’d found, but I used to be in some type of Zen-like state the place nothing might shake me. For 3 days my wife was kind of bedridden. This meant that I had to change every diaper, maintain the baby for every feeding, empty my spouse’s urine pouch and prepare all of our meals. I’d gotten little or no sleep and my back was seizing from all the pressure of lifting the baby up out of the cot time and again. I ought to have been tired and I ought to have been cranky. But I wasn’t. I used to be energetic. I used to be elated. I achieved a degree of endurance that I couldn’t have acquired some other means. Endurance flowed by means of me like a stoned Jedi.

New dadI hated when associates used to inform me issues like, “you should have a baby because there’s nothing like parenthood.” I still cringe at the concept of ever saying it to others. But three days into my new position as a father I can at the least grasp the place these pals have been coming from. Having a child is a wild experience. The experience is certainly transformative. And during these three days I can say with a bit of certainty that I am better off for it.

Perhaps this was the definition of fatherhood that I’d by no means actually grasped. Perhaps being a father means being affected person no matter what shit will get thrown my course. Perhaps it means discovering new power when the world round me feels heavy. Perhaps it means getting wet in the rain as long as I’m capable of maintain the umbrella over my spouse and baby. Perhaps it means getting pooh on my arms each from time to time and simply not giving a shit. I’m positive the laughter and all the enjoyable will come along too, however for now I simply hear Yoda’s voice telling me, “The stoned Jedi, you must be.”

I can’t say that I’ll be capable of take my new expertise beyond the hospital, but when I can I’ll definitely be a more content individual. And I feel I’d in all probability a greater individual. But I’ve solely just started this new journey and I’ll simply have to wait and see if it takes me gently down the stream.