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A Court of Wings and Ruin Chapters 52 & 53: An Unimportant Bad Guy Is Really… An Unimportant Good Guy???

A Court of Wings and Ruin Chapters 52 & 53: An Unimportant Bad Guy Is Really... An Unimportant Good Guy???

Beforehand, Hybern out of the blue destroyed the wall between the mortal and immortal lands, sending the Excessive Lords right into a panic that the struggle is admittedly about to start now. So, naturally, heads of state Feyre and Rhysand are not of their kingdom, and are happening a secret mission with Elain at her ex’s father’s citadel to attempt to get him to supply shelter to… each human within the nation? I don’t even attempt to make sense of this guide anymore, I’m simply reporting what’s up.

Wait, There’s A Fast Factor I Need To Revisit From Chapter 51 First

Okay, Ariel didn’t cowl this as a result of it’s undoubtedly not truly essential, however I assumed it was fairly humorous…

“What is that,” Devlon requested.
Nesta merely stared at him, one hand clamping the sides of her grey cloak collectively at her chest. One of the opposite camp-lords made some signal towards evil.
“That,” Cassian stated too quietly, “is none of your concern.”
“Is she a witch.”
I opened my mouth, however Nesta stated flatly, “Yes.”


“What is the difference,” [Nesta] requested none of us particularly, “between a faerie and a witch?”
“Witches amass power beyond their natural reserve,” Mor answered with sudden seriousness. “They use spells and archaic tools to harness more power to them than the Cauldron allotted—and use it for whatever they desire, good or ill.”

What does this truly imply although? How is each single OP essential character not a witch? And fuck this fucking ebook for making a world the place witches are actual and then creating guidelines that imply Stevie Nicks isn’t a witch however Jeff Bezos is.

Bad Books, Good Occasions 2012: “It’s funny how the sex scenes are bad!” Bad Books, Good Occasions 2018: “If you think this book is bad, have you heard about CAPITALISM?”

Okay, We Can Speak About Chapter 52 Now

The guards let the disguised superfriends into the closely fortified fort. Their disguises appear to have the people distracted for now, however their guard canine are already snarling at them. It sounds tense, however it doesn’t matter as a result of – spoilers – they’re gonna reveal they’re faeries like forty seconds into their dialog. Nesta quips that she’s “been to funerals that were merrier” than her virtually brother-in-law’s father’s fort, as a result of Nesta continues to be the one perspective that I discover helpful anymore.

Elain’s sorta ex barges into the room, and he and Elain gasp at one another and are nonetheless sexy af. Feyre doesn’t actually see it.

Good-looking, brown-haired, blue-eyed, however … human. Solidly constructed beneath his mild armor, tall—maybe a mortal superb of a knight who would swoop an attractive maiden onto his horse and journey off into the sundown.

“He’s handsome, if you’re into mortal social constructs about beauty, I guess.” Feyre, YOU have been mortal till, like, final Tuesday. You sound like a child taking her first sociology class in school.

Elain’s sexy beau Graysen actually runs for her till a far more hilarious psychological picture by some means occurs when his father strides into the room and grabs him by the again of his collar. Lord Nolan has a number of questions on this example. Nesta (not Elain, as a result of Nesta is the true hero of this story) cuts to the chase and says the wall has come down, the military invading these lands kidnapped her and turned her towards her will to check a reality-shifting weapon referred to as the Cauldron.

“There is a Cauldron—a weapon. It grants its owner power to … do such things. I was a test.” Nesta then launched into a pointy, brief rationalization of the queens, of Hybern, of why the wall had fallen.

I really like when books are like “and then she explained the last 500 pages of this book and it was very concise, just take my word for it, I clearly don’t know how to do that”.

They take a big gamble on explaining that her companions are usually not simply Fae however the Night time Court’s Excessive Lords and fiercest warriors.

I stepped ahead. “My name is Feyre Archeron. I am High Lady of the Night Court. This is Rhysand, my—husband.” I doubted mate would go over nicely as a time period.

“Elain,” Graysen breathed. “Elain—why are you with them?”
“Because she is our sister,” Nesta answered, her fingers nonetheless curled with these invisible talons. “And there is no safer place for her during this war than with us.”
Elain whispered, “Graysen—we’ve come to beg you …” A pleading look at his father. “Both of you … Open your gates to any humans who can get here. To families. With the wall down … We—they believe … There is not enough time for an evacuation. The queens will not send aid from the continent. But here—they might stand a chance.” […]Graysen now checked out Elain’s engagement ring. His blue eyes rippled with ache. “I would be inclined to believe you,” he stated quietly, “if you were not lying to me with your every breath.”

Wait, wait, wait, you imply Elain’s plan to point out up at her ex’s dad’s fort after ghosting him for a number of months – a interval of time that features their wedding ceremony – and then displaying up within the firm of their sworn enemies with no rationalization and speaking about conflict didn’t work as meant?

Nolan sneered. “No, I have it on good authority that it was Elain Archeron who was turned Fae first. And who now has a High Lord’s son as a mate.”
“And who, exactly, told you this?” Rhys stated with a carry of the forehead, not displaying one ounce of ire, of shock.
Steps sounded.
However all of us went for our weapons as Jurian strolled into the guardhouse and stated, “I did.”

I’d say that Jurian is that this story’s Janice, however that’s not fairly truthful as a result of Janice had a personality.

Chapter 53


Jurian inclined his head to my sisters. “Ladies.”

…who’s Jurian once more? Like, critically, why is he essential? Each time he’s proven up, he’s felt like a personality from one other story.

Right here’s an honest-to-god recap of the whole lot I can keep in mind about Jurian: Jurian was a mortal human who fought within the final struggle, was pushed mad as a result of some characters we’ve by no means met have been murdered, was dismembered and imprisoned inside of his personal eyeball for a number of centuries (which to be truthful sort of makes him a extra fascinating character than both Azriel or Cassian by default), and then was resurrected by the aspect he fought towards (for some cause) to assist them (one way or the other) of their warfare towards people and all faeries who help them (once more, for some cause). And that’s it! Somebody please clarify what I’m lacking as a result of apparently he’s essential.

“Why are you here,” I demanded.

Feyre has by no means spoken this on to my wants as a reader earlier than this second.

Reader… someway Jurian’s entire deal will get weirder. As a result of it seems this entire time… he’s been a double agent?

Jurian’s eyes gleamed vibrant—not with insanity, I noticed.
However readability. […]“He resurrected me to turn [the mortal queens] to his cause, believing I had gone mad during the five hundred years Amarantha trapped me. So I was reborn, and found myself surrounded by my old enemies—faces I had once marked to kill. I found myself on the wrong side of a wall, with the human realm poised to shatter beneath it.”
Jurian appeared proper to Mor, whose mouth was a decent line. “You were my friend,” he stated, voice straining. “We fought back-to-back during some battles. And yet you believed me at first sight—believed that I’d ever let them turn me.” […]“You mean to imply,” Mor pushed, “that you’ve been working to help us during this?”

Oh my god, that is lovely, the whole lot on this story has utterly gone off the rails. None of this is sensible! Jurian – a personality of unclear significance whose solely relevance within the story is his participation in occasions that occurred earlier than the story began – has been allied with a aspect that by no means made sense for him to ally with (or for them to need to ally with him), and now he claims it’s been a ruse this entire time. I imply… positive? Who ARE you?

“You played the villain convincingly enough, Jurian,” Rhys purred.

Is each villain on this story a secret good man? Holy shit, has anybody gone to speak to Hybern to see if he’s secretly a superb man? We might wrap this entire factor up proper now.

“Why this obsession to find Miryam and Drakon?” Mor requested.
“It’s what the world expects of me. What Hybern expects. And if he grants my asking price to find them … Drakon has a legion capable of turning the tide in battle.” […]I stated to Jurian, “You don’t want to kill Miryam and Drakon.”
There was stark honesty in Jurian’s eyes as he shook his head as soon as. “No,” he stated roughly. “I want to beg their forgiveness.”

WHO ARE MIRYAM AND DRAKON? Feyre doesn’t even know these individuals! Why is that this main plot twist completely hinged on a personality who hasn’t achieved something’s relationship with different characters we’ve solely heard about?

I additionally really feel the necessity to level out that the e-book takes the time round this level to tell us that Graysen and his dad are nonetheless right here, simply silently gazing one another as a result of they do not know what the hell is occurring, which is perhaps my favourite half of this guide.

“Why now,” Rhys stated. “Why here.”
Jurian held his stare. “Because the wall came down, and now I can move freely—”

Why? Did Hybern overlook Jurian was a personality on this e-book too?

“to warn the humans here. Because …” He loosed an extended breath. “Because Tamlin ran right back to Hybern after your meeting ended this morning. Right to their camp in the Spring Court, where Hybern now plans to launch a land assault on Summer tomorrow.”

See, this truly sounds necessary, as a result of I truly know who these individuals are. Moreover, hahahaha, properly, shit.

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