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#1094: Finding Your Purpose In Life [WOYG Podcast]

I get asked this one so much, whether it’s “purpose” or “passion” or “focus.” Immediately I reply the query because it relates to function — your purpose for being, the mission you’re right here to complete.

Trace: When you’re alive you do have a objective, whether or not you recognize what it is or not.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:00] Right here’s what I want you to do — no matter platform you’re listening to this present on. Go depart a score and evaluate of the present. No, No; right now. Proper now, depart a five star score and assessment to point out. Tell individuals what you consider it. Tell individuals the value you’re getting. You maintain that business. I’m getting in to this episode. And I’ll meet you in the center.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:18] Let’s do it. What’s it about it that’s making me come alive? What’s the half about it that I really take pleasure in? What actions or energies or forms of words are you so into that you’d even lose monitor of time if you’re doing it? That’s a clue for you.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:39] Work On Your GManyame. With that aggression and with that confidence to dominate a recreation.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:46] Dre Baldwin, – work on your recreation Consideration, Consideration: you at the moment are tuned into the present the place you study the discipline to point out up day after day to do the work. The arrogance to put yourself on the market boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue displaying up; doing the work; putting yourself on the market even when the success you’ve expected to realize is yet to occur. And on prime of this – sure, there’s extra. You get an enormous dose of private initiative. This is the go getter power that strikes you to make things occur as an alternative of ready for issues to occur. Putting all this collectively, you get the mindset, the tactic, the podcast generally known as work on your recreation. My identify is Dre Baldwin also called Dre All Day — Welcome to the show. Right now’s matter is discovering your function in life. Now, I’ve been wanting via the results of the Work On Your Recreation Podcast survey. When you’ve got not but taken this survey it is at Lots of you have not taken the survey yet. Please go and take the survey. It’s going to help me and it will provide help to and it will assist me make it easier to so take that survey once more at


Many individuals have asked the query round this matter of discovering my objective, discovering “What am I supposed to do in life?”, “What am I going to do with myself”

Dre Baldwin: [00:01:55] “Where is my space in life?” — Carving out my area; finding my area; finding my area; what’s my objective in life? How can I assist. How can I work out my function in life? That’s what individuals have been asking about. So that’s what we’re overlaying this right here in as we speak’s episode. All the best way back — very early in the spring of 2016, back in episode #7 of this podcast, I talked about discovering your function in life however I’ve discovered some things since then. I have some new ideas since then. if you want to go pay attention Episode 7 you are able to do so at and even higher, at the very least for this second, you’ll be able to take heed to in the present day’s episode the place we’re gonna cover this finding your function. Now, a whole lot of questions as I stated on this matter. Let’s get a definition of what this phrase “purpose” truly means or at the least the angle from which I’m going to be talking about it. So that you understand what I’m talking about once I get into my factors here right now. The definition of objective is the rationale for which one thing is completed or created or the rationale for which something exists. So, the one thing that we’re speaking about here as we speak is you as an individual individual. So the query that we’re answering is or we’re going to aim to answer — I’m going to offer you some issues that may enable you to provide you with the reply to this query because I can’t really give you the answer.

Dre Baldwin: [00:03:09] The question is “What’s the reason why you exist?” — Why are you right here on this planet? Why have been you born? What are you right here to do? What influence are you right here to make? In this brief time, relatively talking, that every of us is here, what influence are you destined to make and the way do you figure that out? How do you discover out that that’s your impression?

And then to truly get to doing it. That’s all part of working on your recreation. You’ve listened to the opposite thousand plus episodes of this podcast, to study extra about how to try this. However immediately, we’re concentrating on — we’re focusing particularly on discovering your function. Point No. 1: To seek out your function in life I’m gonna inform you the onerous half up entrance. I’m gonna inform you that aside that isn’t enjoyable up front. I’m gonna inform you the part proper right here — that isn’t a shortcut. It isn’t a hack. I wouldn’t even call this a “tactic” but it is something that you’ll have to undergo and perhaps you’re going by means of it right now. Perhaps this can be the irritating part of a course of that has led you to listening to an episode that is titled “Finding your purpose in life” — is you needed to attempt a number of issues to seek out out the place you belong.

Dre Baldwin: [00:04:07] This is just the underside line of it. You need to work out what your function is the rationale why you exist and also you’re not quite positive.

Dre Baldwin: [00:04:14] There isn’t anything that you simply’ve just been so interested in that you simply knew it was your thing and it wasn’t anything that was interested in you a lot that you simply just knew with out even having to think about it, that it was your factor. If that’s you and which is I feel is 99% of the human population. You simply gotta attempt an entire lot of things to see what is and what isn’t for you. You don’t know one thing’s not for you till you’ve truly carried out it. Typically you might come throughout individuals and perhaps you’re certainly one of these individuals who decides one thing not for you regardless that you by no means tried it. You determine something — this isn’t my place; this not the factor that I need to do; this isn’t one thing that I’m keen on and also you never truly tried it earlier than and perhaps you’re right on some of those and perhaps you’re not. How will you ever really know? The only approach you’ll ever actually know something is just not for you or it’s for you is for you to truly go do it. You gotta attempt a number of things to seek out your home in life. While there are the few golden youngsters out there, as I stated, 99% of us received to attempt loads of issues before we work out exactly what it’s for us. There are some golden youngsters out there who know from start that they’re destined to fill within the blank.

Dre Baldwin: [00:05:13] Be a musician or write books or be an athlete they usually truly turn out to be that factor — not just they are saying that they’re going to do it but they really turn into it and that turns into their factor in life.

There are a number of individuals (1% of the population) who knows that’s their thing from a very younger age after which they go truly turn into that thing they usually thrive they usually flourish doing their thing. Most of us? It doesn’t work that method.

A few of us might imagine that our factor is to be a musician or to be a football player or to be an writer of fiction novels after which we go and do this thing. We take the actions to try this factor, we came upon a number of things. Perhaps we find out — we don’t like it as much as we thought we might. Perhaps we find out that the grind is a bit of bit more durable than we thought it might be and we’re not interested anymore. Perhaps we discover out that we’re just not as gifted at that factor, relatively speaking, as we thought we have been. So once we come up towards the world at giant who’s also making an attempt to do the same factor, we understand we don’t stand out as much as we thought we might.

Dre Baldwin: [00:06:04] And we transfer on to something else and that’s all right. Doesn’t imply that there’s something flawed with you; you didn’t make a mistake that — you had to go see what’s actually occurring with things before you understand for positive: That’s your factor. I hear from, in fact, lots of athletes. Me being a former athlete, who say hey this is my factor. That is my function in life, my passion in life; my entire life is about enjoying this sport. However then they go up towards the world at giant who also is taking the very same thing and perhaps you understand — you already know what? Perhaps, I’m inferior to I assumed I used to be; perhaps I don’t stand out as a lot at the school degree than I might stand out at the highschool degree. Perhaps I don’t stand out as much on this competitive degree as I did in my neighborhood or enjoying on anyone’s yard courtroom on my block. And then you definitely gotta move on to something else and that’s OK. Once more, you might assume it’s one factor then find out that it’s a unique thing. Writer: Robert Inexperienced — my favorite writer who I discussed many occasions; I mentioned all of his books. Robert Inexperienced stated, before he wrote his first ebook, his breakthrough bestseller that put his identify on the map — its referred to as “The 48 Laws Of Power”; Robert stated he estimated that he had labored between 30 and 40 jobs in his life looking for out where his place was.

Dre Baldwin: [00:07:08] What was his objective. What was he actually about. He did menial tasks jobs. He worked in Hollywood for a few years. He was a author. He was an assistant to some individuals; and none of these really appeared to be his thing. He wasn’t really enthusiastic about them. He wasn’t terribly successful at any of them. I consider he was 30 either 35 or 38 years previous when The 48 Legal guidelines of Energy, the booked that acquired him on the market — When that ebook truly got here out, about 35 or 38 years previous, and he stated that he figured his household — like his mother and father and his siblings (I don’t know if he even has siblings) However the individuals round him who had recognized him growing up — he thought that they have been taking a look at him like “OK, Robert is pretty much a lost cause. He’s not going to be very successful in life. He’s just gonna be this okay nondescript guy who doesn’t achieve anything noteworthy.” He felt that that’s how individuals felt about him as a result of he was rattling near 40 years previous. He hadn’t really discovered his objective yet. But then he found that at that time so I’m sharing that story with you to inform you No. 1. To begin with, I informed you the guy had between 30 and 40 jobs in his life.

Dre Baldwin: [00:08:05] How many have you ever had up to now?

In the event you’re annoyed with not discovering your objective and on the age that he was. Typically individuals need to know their objective by the time they’re 16 or 25 or someone could possibly be of their early 30s and saying “Damn. I don’t even know what it is I need to do with my life they usually really feel like — that you simply’re a failure or that you simply just — for some purpose, have failed yourself or failed other individuals. Here’s a guy who’s probably the most well-known, nicely bought authors on the planet right now — As of this recording — and he didn’t know what his factor was until he was rattling close to 40 years previous writing a e-book.

You’d assume anyone who’s going to be a author they might know that pretty quickly; you’d assume, right? But he didn’t do it ’til he was in his late 30s. Writer, Tim Ferriss, one other writer who’s the owner of the Four Hour Collection: 4-Hour Work Week, Four-Hour Physique, Four-Hour Chef. He stated, he damn close to had a nervous breakdown and in case you have learn the Four-Hour workweek, Tim talks about this. He was operating a nutritional supplement enterprise. That’s what he was doing earlier than he started writing books. He had his own nutritional complement enterprise and it was truly doing nicely.

Dre Baldwin: [00:09:06] The thing is the one method it was going to do properly, no less than in Tim’s mind, was if he labored 70 hours every week and he was working all these hours and then and there, having a nervous breakdown, his girlfriend and woman he thought he was gonna marry broke up with him because he wasn’t spending any time into the relationship; all his time was going into the business and he was rattling near having just a breakdown as a human being and he went on a trip and he obtained a a method ticket in another country. Informed all the individuals in his company “Listen, y’all run things without me. Don’t contact me for any reason. Any problems come up, y’all just figure this shit out and he left. He didn’t even have a plan for them to figure things out. He left because he didn’t know what was gonna happen to himself if he didn’t leave. He left; what happened on that trip led to the idea that became the 4-Hour workweek, which made Tim a very well-known author and well known whatever you see him as these days. I’m sharing these stories with you so that you know that you may not know and Tim was probably in his maybe late 20s or early 30s at the time that he put that book out. I’m sharing these stories with you again to let you know that you have to try things. You may have to come to the brink of not being too comfortable. Things being very inconvenient for you similar to how Tim Ferriss was or maybe at the point where you think the people around you are looking at you like, “Alright, this guy or this girl is not going to amount to much in life” — as Robert Inexperienced thought for himself before you find that thing however you must attempt a number of stuff before “something sticks to the wall” as they say.

Dre Baldwin: [00:10:28] Point No. 2: at the moment’s matter is finding your function in life. When you don’t know what your function is, you don’t even know tips on how to go about figuring it out. That’s what we’re talking about right here immediately. Here’s a query for you. Point No. 2 — Where do you find yourself coming alive? The place do you find yourself lit up where you’re just engaged and also you’re all the best way in and your emotions become involved. The place in life have you discovered your self coming alive.

Now, I guarantee, you’ve observed that there are some areas the place you come alive; is probably not that the precise job — is probably not the job itself or the duty or the individuals; it might be some mixture of those things; it might be the fact that you get to be seen or perhaps it’s the fact that you get to be in the background and assist anyone else out to be seen.

[00:11:44] Perhaps it’s because you get to speak more; perhaps since you don’t have to talk in any respect. Perhaps since you get to make use of electronics or computers and perhaps it’s because it’s something bodily or something outside or something indoors; there’s some aspect of any space of life where you end up coming alive. There’s some factor or parts of that exercise that’s supplying you with some hints; supplying you with some clues to what your objective could also be in life. So what you would wish to do to reply this question for yourself is think of the occasions within the areas or circumstances, situations in life where you come alive; where you’re actually engaged, actually targeted a

Dre Baldwin: [00:11:09] and you’d just do this factor even when there was no payoff for it — just doing it makes you are feeling great; makes you are feeling personally fulfilled after which break that exercise down; break that circumstance down and ask yourself “What is it about it that’s making me come alive?” “What’s the part about it that I really enjoy?” “What activities or energies or types of words are you so into that you would even lose track of time when you’re doing them?” That’s a clue for you. What do you do if you don’t should be doing something. That’s one other clue for you. You don’t have work; you’ve got any household commitments; you don’t have anything that you need to be doing in the mean time — What do you do?

Dre Baldwin: [00:12:18] Someone like myself, I wish to compete and that’s why I acquired into sports. It wasn’t necessarily the sport itself. It was the fact that I get to compete. And if you get to compete, you get a chance to win.

I favored to create issues which you might tell about doing something like this podcast or making movies or writing books. You need to know what it’s for you and solely approach you’ll be able to know is getting — going again to level No. 1 Making an attempt a number of things; but then No. 2, as you’re making an attempt issues, there’re gonna be some parts of these things that you simply attempt that make you come alive. What are those parts and why do they make you come alive? These are questions you must be actively asking yourself. In Robert Greene’s guide “Mastery” he writes about — this entire guide is about discovering your objective in life. So, when you haven’t read the e-book “Mastery” go out there and get it; again, by Robert Green the writer; nice guide that will help you clue your self in on where are the areas that deliver you alive in life.

Point No. three right now’s matter is finding your function in life. Here’s a directive for you, straight from me: Stop making an attempt to suit into a pre-existing archetype.

Dre Baldwin: [00:13:19] Typically when somebody feels lost, they feel like they haven’t found out what their objective is in life,

Dre Baldwin: [00:13:25] they begin wanting round.

You start trying to your left, then to your right and see what different individuals are doing. You see — What do my sister do? What do my mom and pop do? What is this person who I comply with on the Internet do? What did this one that wrote a e-book or the folks that they speak about within the guide, what did these individuals do? We start taking a look at these pre-existing archetypes; we see what everyone else has already achieved after which we ask ourselves “Okay, do I fit into this? Could I be this or maybe I could be like this person and maybe I could do what this person does here but just be the younger version or older version or the female version?” Stop making an attempt to fit in to pre-existing archetypes.

Perhaps your function, no matter you discover it to be. Perhaps, it’s one thing that isn’t fairly a mainstream concept as of in the present day. Perhaps it doesn’t truly exist as a thing right now. Most individuals, for those who have been to explain it to most people at this time, they wouldn’t perceive what your function goes to be as a result of it doesn’t match right into a field. It may’t be described in somewhat “perfect elevator speech in 15 seconds” — Nicely, pay attention. Not everyone’s supposed to fit right into a recognized and accepted description. That’s why we’re all individuals. That’s why we’re all totally different, proper? They are saying that every human being as a person is totally totally different and no two fingerprints are exactly alike. Properly, how is it then, if this is true and I feel we all accept this as the truth, how is it then that so many people try to fit into archetypes that already exist?

Dre Baldwin: [00:14:43] We’re making an attempt to fit into bins which have already been made by and for any person else. Perhaps wherever you belong, no matter function it’s that’s on the market for you simply isn’t there yet — doesn’t exist quite but. And perhaps you’ll be the one to convey it about. Perhaps you’ll be the one who makes it right into a factor and you then get individuals, 5 years from now, arising they usually’re making an attempt to do the thing that you simply started but perhaps wherever that’s, for you, it doesn’t exist proper now and it’s your job to convey it into existence; of bringing it to the mainstream and make it an accepted concept. All the things that we’ve got lately, at one point, was not an accepted concept. It wasn’t an accepted concept; it wasn’t even — just a little over 10 years in the past, to weblog for a dwelling was not an accepted concept. That was — you have been like a loser, running a blog for a dwelling. Then it was: YouTubing for a dwelling was one other factor — wasn’t really an accepted concept. And there was so many issues: doing a podcast, putting stuff out on social media, just as a — your full time business. That was not accepted; it wasn’t even 15 years ago that this stuff were not accepted. However then individuals began doing it; individuals began to see success in them after which individuals discovered “You know what? This is the place that I belong. This is really the thing that I should be doing.” And it turned an accepted thing. So you might not be capable of fit into one thing that already exists or something that you could see proper now.

Dre Baldwin: [00:15:58] Perhaps it does exist but you don’t see it because you haven’t tried sufficient issues; you haven’t been out of the house typically sufficient; you haven’t been round too far from where you started at, subsequently, you haven’t been capable of see it nevertheless it does exist. Nicely, that’s why we obtained to go back to level No. 1. So let’s recap immediately’s matter which is discovering your objective in life. A lot of people have asked me questions on this definition of objective. The rationale for which one thing is completed or created or the rationale for which one thing or somebody — as a result of we’re talking about individuals right here in the present day. What’s the purpose why you exist? What’s the rationale why you exist as a person? What’s the rationale why you do the issues that you simply do? To reply that question:

No. 1 you must attempt numerous things to seek out your position in life.

There are a number of people who know, just from start, the place precisely they’re going to be and what exactly they’re going to do and that’s precisely what happens. 99% of us, it doesn’t work that approach. It isn’t as straightforward for us; we received to attempt numerous issues to seek out issues out. And a number of the most successful individuals out there, for those who go read the biographies and stories of profitable individuals whom you’ve heard ofm lots of them didn’t know once they have been 5 years previous that they might develop into successful at fill in the clean.

Dre Baldwin: [00:16:59] They had to attempt numerous things and perhaps even stumble into what that thing was. They didn’t even see it. And they also received into it.

Level No. 2 Question is “The place do you find yourself coming alive? What actions or energies and what parts of these activities do you get so intensely into that you simply lose monitor of time, you utterly focus, you’re utterly engaged when you’re doing it? That’s a clue for you.

It is advisable pay attention to these clues. What do you do whenever you don’t should be doing anything? The place are you investing your time, your power, your consideration, your focus, perhaps even your cash the place you’re not obligated to. That could be a hint; it’s in all probability, undoubtedly, a hint/clue into what your function is in life.

And No. 3. Cease making an attempt to suit right into a pre-existing archetype; wherever your objective is in life, it is probably not one thing that you already know about proper now as “accepted” as one thing that other individuals are doing.

You could be the primary one to do it. When you’ve got the courage to be the one to stand out within the entrance when everyone’s taking a look at it like “I don’t understand; it doesn’t make sense. How are you gonna make money? Who else is doing that?” When individuals are asking these questions, perhaps that’s the exact place that it’s essential to be proper now. Perhaps it is. Perhaps your function is one thing, it isn’t quite mainstream proper now. Most individuals wouldn’t understand it as a result of it doesn’t match right into a field; can’t be described within the elevator speech.

Dre Baldwin: [00:18:14] Nicely, pay attention. Not everyone is meant to suit right into a recognized and accepted description and that’s why we’re all individuals. Work On Your Recreation.

Dre Baldwin: [00:18:22] You just listened to a whole episode of my podcast. In the event you’ve been getting value from this podcast, the thousand plus episodes that I’ve been putting out or that is just your first one, please go to Apple podcasts or Stitcher or wherever you take heed to podcast, depart a evaluation of my show. It helps me out; it helps the viewers out in order that they know what kind of show that is before they take heed to it; if they need to sort of get a style for it earlier than they decide to listening. And lets me know that I’m giving worth to you every single day on this podcast. Anyplace you possibly can depart assessment, please go depart a evaluation. Thank you. I respect it so much. I’ll see you in tomorrow’s episode. Work On Your Recreation.

1:21 At the moment’s Matter: Finding Your Purpose In Life

three:05 What’s the rationale why you exist? Why are you right here on this planet? Why are you right here to do?

3:34 Point I: You need to attempt numerous things to seek out out where you belong.

10:24 Point II: The place do you find yourself coming alive?

13:03 Point III: Stop making an attempt to fit into a pre-existing archetype.

16:06 Recap

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