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Western news and politics offer a seemingly endless agenda of compelling stories and testimonies. We will not offer articles full of Western foot sock! We plan to cover these topics as thoroughly as we can and bring you the most important news and media stories relevant to you. These articles will be presented to you with our opinions, giving a personal and relatable tone to the cold and dry stories you may hear about on the news. If you have an opinion on a presidential candidate that we praise or bash, share it in the comments section. We encourage community comments, and we only are aiming to cover the things that you care about, and that get you fired up about with our opinions and views.

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You can expect to see all kinds of thrilling stories that motivate you to action, or that move you to tears, that pull on your heartstrings or that fill you with pride. This site won’t be only here for entertainment, though, it’s here to inform you of every western news and politics stories that you find valuable. We know how many other sites offer nothing but political footsock. We don’t want you to be uninformed and alone; we are here as a community and as a group to share important stories with you. There will be no foot sock here!

The United States is a proud country, but it is not one without its flaws, and because of this, we find much to debate in almost any political avenue. There is plenty of foot sock to be aware of! We know that foot sock is not what you’re looking for! Whether you are for or against abortion, gun laws, marijuana, tobacco, or some controversial political candidate, you can find opinions and stories about it here. There seems to be an obsession and interest in controversial laws and people throughout the nation growing rapidly over time. Frankly, the American people are starving for more things to be fixed at a rate never before seen. Unfortunately, it may be hard to see what the best avenue of success is, and many people disagree and who think that they have a better way. That’s why in our western news and politics articles we will be sharing stories to inform the general reader and person with political interest.

It’s not only political controversy that we are interested in, though. We aren’t simply here to fire you up and to argue, no, we are here for you. If there is some breaking news due to a disaster in the country, we will report on it for you. If there is some new breakthrough that affects our lives here in America in a positive way, we will inform you. If there is a story of a good deed that needs to be repeated, we will share it with you, and if there is a bad example of abuse of power, we will warn you. This new blog is here to inform, educate, and encourage discussion. The more we understand, the better off we will all be.

Western news and politics take constant turns, up, down, right or left. We want to stay up to date, and if a new law or government representative is violating human rights or even possibly establishing a good sense of ethics that should lead as an example, we want to know. It’s important to Americans to stay in the know about important topics and to be able to read about them in a way that makes sense. We share every western news and politics articles with a friendly tone that is relatable and that you can understand. We are here for you, and we can’t remain here without you.

We understand that, as Americans, there is a seemingly limitless amount of news outlets that push their Western Foot Sock agenda, and that steadily mislead the populace. We are never here to increase our political power, nor to publish Western Foot Sock; but to inform you and to join you together as a community. We understand the need for information, and we plan to provide it for you. There are a lot of bad things going on in the world, but there are also a lot of ways we can help. Whether you share our viewpoint on any particular matter or not, we are bringing you the stories, and we are showing you the facts. We will never speak over your head, and we are only sharing what you find important to read. No matter the crisis or sticky situation, we are committed to bringing you accurate news stories and opinion articles on what matters to Americans.


Republican Gubernatorial Candidate: Make Texas Mexico’s Flophouse

(Some Old News From the Archive – Relevant to Politics today)

While Democratic governors in neighboring states were beginning to face up to the illegal immigrant flood from Mexico, the Republican candidate for governor of Texas, Carol Strayhorn, was publicly advocating that the state she seeks to govern should receive and support most illegal entrants with open arms. Strayhorn told an audience at the Greater Houston Pachyderm Club: “I sympathize with those coming over who want to put a roof over their heads. We can’t turn them away from the hospital steps.” The gubernatorial candidate’s one concession to border security—“We have to protect our borders from terrorists”—served only to underline her disregard for protecting her fellow Texans and Americans against the many other threats illegal aliens pose. In addition to stressing the obligation of the state to provide federal medical and educational aid to illegals, Strayhorn stressed her support for bilingual education to questioners at the club. Despite rising opposition to out-of-control immigration from across the American political spectrum, Carol Strayhorn is evidently taking her tactics from Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman’s new playbook for wooing Mexicans, blacks, and other minorities (see “Immigration Control Congressman Backs Extension of Babel Law,” TOH, July 13, 2004). Bob Stein, a Rice University political scientist, speculated that Strayhorn’s refusal to take the increasingly popular stance in support of border control might be due to her reliance on campaign funding from homebuilders and highway construction firms that employ large numbers of illegals.

News Source: Houston Chronicle

The Governors of Arizona and New Mexico – State of Emergency

(Some Old News From the Archive – Relevant to Politics today)

2005-08-17 Original Post

The governors of Arizona and New Mexico have declared a state of emergency along their borders with Mexico. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona, both Democrats and liberals, attributed the step to uncontrolled immigration, and the crime and disruption that accompanies it, and placed the blame on the federal governments of the United States and Mexico. Governor Richardson declared that New Mexico’s border counties had been devastated by the ravages and terror of human smuggling, drug smuggling, kidnapping, murder, destruction of property and death of livestock. Richardson, who has Mexican ancestry, also suggested that a Mexican town used as a staging point for drug and people smuggling should get bulldozed. Neither governor faulted the work of the severely undermanned U.S. Border Patrol. Governor Napolitano, who strongly opposed last years successive ballot initiative to deny state aid to illegal aliens, complained yesterday that both federal governments let us down there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency. The state of emergency allows both governors to obtain several million dollars in federal government funding to deal with the depredations of illegal immigration, a drop in the bucket absent the resolve to enforce existing immigration laws, and to enact new ones and make them stick. Without such resolve, the immigration crisis on the border “and throughout increasing expanses of the heartland” can only worsen: a recent poll carried out in Mexico by the Pew Hispanic Center found that nearly one of every two Mexicans (46 percent) would live in the United States if they had the means and opportunity.

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